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The basic requirement for a louvre is to move air in and around a building, thereby creating added comfort and convenience for better living. Our louvres come in various blade types and numerous frame choices that allow their usage as an integral part of a window system or separately as a stand-alone louvre.

Viva have developed a range of louvres with high performance and aesthetic appeal in mind. They are suitable for both domestic and industrial use and all components are made from extruded aluminium for greater strength and accuracy.

We have many years of experience in making louvres in irregular and unusual shapes.

Here are just a few examples:


Security Louvre System

With the Security Louvre System, the individual louvre blades can not be removed after assembly. However, the panels can be removed for replacement or maintenance by gaining access to the normal fitting points

Security Louvres are particularly suitable for applications at Ground Level or other vulnerable locations

The Security Louvre is an option which is available on all our standard louvre ranges. Its ingenious design means that it is a cost effective solution to a common problem

Security Louvre

The photo above shows our Security Louvre System on the Right compared with our Standard Louvre System on the Left


Continuous Louvre System

Made from extruded aluminium for greater strength and accuracy, our Continuous Louvre can be of almost any length and is designed to hide breaks in building lines

Continuous Louvre Systems consist of a support structure to which blades are fitted. This holds the complete continuous louvre assembly and is formed by vertically placed mullions fixed by brackets at set distances.

Blade supports are permanently fixed to the mullions allowing the blades to be clip-locked onto their supports.

A full suite of optional accessories is offered, including bird guards, insect mesh, single and double leaf louvre doors, perimeter flashings etc

Continuous Louvre System

This view shows a typical corner section of our Continuous Louvre System


Circular and Arched Louvres

We can produce Circular Louvres like this with a Minimum Diameter of 400mm, all in a single piece. All other design aspects are as per our standard Flanged Louvre range

We can also produce arched louvre frames as well as triangular and trapezoidal shapes

A fibre glass insect mesh is fitted to the back as standard and Stainless Steel and Gas meshes can be fitted as options

Of course , all of these can be supplied in a wide variety of RAL Powder Coating colours, or Naturally Anodised

Circular Louvre

An Example of a Circular Louvre

We can also produce Arched Louvres and Other Shapes


Louvres with Cut Out Sections

At Viva, we are used to receiving requests for unusual Louvre designs, and our Flexible Manufacturing System allows us to say yes

Take this example, which was produced for a customer to a bespoke size surround the an air conditioning outlet point

Cut-Out Louvre

One of the more unusual requests
from our many customers

We relish the challenge of
turning unusual design requests into reality


75mm Bladed Louvre Assembly

We also produce Louvres with 34mm and 50mm Blades

75mm Louvre

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